The United States is currently in the midst of an economic stand-still. Individuals and businesses that were previously flourishing are finding themselves in financial hardships and unable to keep up with bills and costs. What can start off as a few late payments can quickly escalate into serious debt.

Many who owe a substantial amount of money to creditors have sought bankruptcy protection as a way to either lower or eliminate their debt altogether. However, filing for either Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Tampa or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Tampa is no small feat. Between the lengthy legal paperwork and the economic aspect of the process, filing for bankruptcy can be hard work. If you are an individual or business in the Tampa, Florida area considering bankruptcy protection, the law office of Summer Preston, P.A. is here to assist you.

Bankruptcy is the process by which consumers declare that they are unable to pay off their debt. It can be filed by both individuals and businesses alike and can stop foreclosure, repossession, garnishments and lawsuits.

There are usually two main types of bankruptcy consumers can file; Chapter 7 Bankruptcy eliminates most, if not all, of your debt. It is also referred to as a liquidation plan and is the most common form of bankruptcy protection in the United States. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is geared toward individuals who want to pay their debt but need more time to do so. This is also known as a reorganization or repayment plan.

Summer Preston, P.A. has been successfully representing clients with their bankruptcy proceedings for years. Summer Preston takes the time to understand her clients’ individual needs and work out a specific plan geared toward the optimal financial solution.

When working with this bankruptcy attorney in Tampa, everything surrounding your case will be taken care of for you. Summer Preston will analyze your financial history to determine the Chapter best suited to your individual needs and will speak to creditors on your behalf to work out the best possible solution. Trust in this bankruptcy lawyer in Tampa to provide you with unwavering support and sound legal advice.

For quality legal guidance and service, contact the law office of Summer Preston, P.A. today to get started on your case.